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Here at Western Blend we offer a variety of products ranging from acid fertilizers

(N-P-K+S) to effective microorganisms (Ag1000). We derive all our main line acid fertilizers from urea, phosphoric acid, soluble potash, and sulfuric acid (N-P-K+S).  Our acid fertilizers are unique and custom made for western soils featuring a pH below 1.  We also have a calcium line of fertilizers that are derived from urea, phosphoric acid, soluble potash, and calcium (N-P-K+Ca) for any calcium needs. We offer a variety of blends as well as a full foliar program to fit the needs of any crop.  Our fertilizers also have a variety of uses ranging from water well maintenance, irrigation water conditioning, drip line maintenance, and more.   Below is a list of our acid blends, calcium blends, as well as information on our foliar and Ag1000.   


"N-P-K" Custom Blends





For a full list of our sulfur and calcium blends click here(                   ).  For information on our more popular fertilizer blends see the information below. 

                                                   Foliar Plus Xtra

 Our foliar is a new generation product formulated to contain poly phosphates for more efficient utilization of the phosphorus by the plant. In addition, it contains certain natural occuring enzyme activators and plant hormones. It is a complete fertilizer containing extra calcium plus micronutrients. 


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Western NItrate Mix

Foliar Feed

Ag1000 is a form of activated EM•1® Concentrate, EM•1® has been used in agricultural applications since 1982. Farmers have documented the benefits on 6 continents, demonstrating that EM•1® Microbial Inoculant can work in all soil types, all farming systems, and all climates on Earth. Today, EM•1® is used in over 120 countries in all sorts of farming systems from row crops to orchards to composting to solid and liquid waste management. Whether conventional, organic, or sustainable, any farm can benefit from using EM•1® to improve the efficiency of their operation. EM•1® is approved for use without restrictions on Certified Organic operations (OMRI Listed).

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